Devil in the Daylight

Quick update on Blood and Water: I’ve been sent back to the drawing board with some suggestions from agents to revise and resubmit. I also read through it again recently, after having shelved it for almost a year, and I flippin loved it. So the good news is I have a spark of hope reignited for Solvi and her story.

The thing is, to give myself a break, a bit of a palate cleanser, I started jotting down some of the ideas for one of the many story half-thoughts tumbling around my brain. The ideas turned into scenes, and then entire chapters, and next thing I knew I had a whole new book baby on my hands. Devil in the Daylight was born during the pandemic, so I’ll never know it’s exact birthday because basically all of 2020 is a mush pile of time in my head. All that matters is it’s here and it’s proof I could do it again. And with a completely different genre and setting.

DITD is an enemies-to-lovers slow burn of a romance set against the backdrop of the American Old West. COVID has kept me from visiting St Louis, so I poured my love for the Missouri prairie into this setting. It’s got incorrigible brothers, an ornery-but-annoyingly-attractive outlaw, and a girl hellbent on avenging her father’s death—while avoiding atonement for her own sins.

I’m sad I didn’t give it its due on here, whining about the sticky spots or gushing about the scenes that go *chef’s kiss* perfectly, because I really love it. Let’s blame the pandemic, it’s an easy scapegoat and better than admitting my own laziness played a part. Devil in the Daylight is making its first tentative steps into the world this week as I send out my first round of query letters. I’m nervous and excited and a little relieved, because if I’m honest, I’ve already got a new story cooking…

More to come!

By annieatkin

When Annie isn't losing herself in someone else's words, she's daydreaming her own stories. She lives at her desk, sometimes venturing into the rest of her home to spend time with her husband. By day she works in an office, but nights and weekends belong to her craft. She loves good tequila, homemade spaghettios, and she will never say no to ice cream.

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